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Community Benefits

While trails are used for a variety of recreational purposes, they also serve the community by providing connectivity as transportation corridors between homes, businesses, schools, and parks. Trails are an asset to any community and have emerged as a “must-have” for residents and visitors alike because they have tremendous benefits:


  • Promotes Active Lifestyles

  • Encourages Interaction Among Diverse Groups

  • Provides Low-Cost Entertainment

  • Connects People & Communities

  • Allows Residents to Experience Natural Environments

  • Generates Tourism Spending

  • Supports and Enhances Local Businesses

  • Increases Property Values

  • Sustainable and Environmentally-friendly

Connecting Neighbors

While we focus on Union County, we believe it is important to develop trail and park systems that extend beyond municipal, township, and county boundaries. For us, it’s all about connecting neighborhoods, connecting communities, and connecting Union County to the region!

Healthy Lifestyles

Trails create healthy opportunities by providing people of all ages with attractive, safe, accessible places to cycle, walk, hike, or jog. Trails help people of all ages incorporate exercise into their daily routines by connecting them with places they want or need to go. 

A Diverse System

Trails take many forms, including shared use paths, multi-purpose, paved and unpaved, on-road bike routes, equestrian, and water trails. Each one is unique, but together, form an important and diverse countywide system that residents of all skill levels can enjoy!

Central Ohio's Missing Link

Union County is the largest county in Central Ohio currently lacking a trail system and connectivity to the regional system. We are working to establish neighborhood and community trails within the county, but also ensure connectivity beyond our borders.

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